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Anyone can sell their own home, right? After all, it's not how much you make, it's how much you KEEP.

As a FSBO, you are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself'er. You paint your own house, build your own outbuildings, raise your own chickens... if you could pull your own teeth, by golly, you'd do that too!

All kidding aside, the FSBO is the oldest real estate sales model on the planet. People have been selling properties on their own for millennia! So, what could you possibly need Broker Direct for?

Broker Direct Co. can:

  • place your Craigslist ads
  • create a marketing plan as described here
  • send you timely homeowner or transaction advice
  • consult on real estate issues
  • save you time and effort in looking for ways to market your property
  • provide standard real estate contracts or state-specific real estate commission contracts and forms, when available
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