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There are many choices in how to sell real estate. Let's go over some basic concepts and for an exhaustive list of what really goes on in a real estate office.


brokers pull out the red carpet for their high-end listings. These listings require a broker who understands the market and knows how to reach high net worth individuals. Not only will the basics be taken care of, but creative open houses, broker opens and soirees will be standard. You'll be amazed at the great personal service and marketing you get from these million $$ brokers.


Full Service

is where you, as a seller, contract with a friend, relative, neighbor or acquaintance who is in the real estate business to list and market your home. They list your home on your local MLS, put a sign in your yard, take some quality photos, create some nice flyers and go to closing where they are paid around 6% commission, 3% of which goes to the buyer's agent if there is one and in most cases, a buyer agent does bring the buyer. This seller's or listing agent is local to your area or city, and will know quite a bit about your subdivision, or at least will know someone who knows about your area and be able to find out more specifically what your market is doing.


Mid-Level Service

is much like a Help-U-Sell or Assist-2-Sell model, which is a hybrid between full service and limited service. These brokers are typically local to your area with a bricks and mortar office and will do as little or as much as you like, within their different tiers of service. They have "pay up front" or "pay later - commission" options. They will assist with paperwork and go to closing.


Flat Fee MLS or Limited Service

models will place your property on the local MLS for a flat fee up front. In most cases, the agent or broker will not come to see your home (unless they happen to live across the street), will not go to closing and will not put a sign in your yard, though they will send you their sign through the mail. Depending on the price of your home, you can save a lot of money if you're willing to do certain things, such as make sure the flyer box is full.


For Sale By Owner

is where the owner does everything: marketing, pricing, negotiating, photography, signage, open houses, contracts, title company liaison, etc.


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