What Really Goes on in a RE Office

Large real estate offices have several administrative people supporting their agents. Here's an exhaustive list of what happens in those offices and if a broker is independent, they will do these things alone or figure out a more efficient process:


1. Mailing list maintenance and upkeep 2. Coordination and scheduling of all direct mail 3. Labeling direct and prepping direct mail 4. Creating a monthly newsletter or mailer 5. Field sign calls 6. Floor duty 7. Schedule incoming and outgoing showings 8. Follow-up on showing feedback 9. Fill out all of your paperwork/forms 10. Measure homes 11. Attend closings 12. Sign, lockbox and brochure box installation 13. Put up riders on signs 14. Runner and errand duties 15. Follow-up on loan process & appraisals 16. Inspection scheduling and paperwork follow-up 17. Schedule repairs and resolution items on inspection 18. Order items of routine repair as directed by agent 19. Sit at a “broker open” tour for other agents 20. Order possible loan scenarios on listings from lenders 21. Proofreading materials (MLS, ads, brochures, etc.) 22. Supervision, management, and training of other team members 23. Send out a post-closing survey to clients and track feedback 24. Bid out prices from vendors for supplies and/or repairs 25. Create and maintain your CRM systems and checklists 26. Customized relocation materials/package emailed or mailed to clients 27. Scour social media accounts for potential business 28. Interact with clients on social media; add contacts 29. Coordinate seminars and classes you could teach about real estate 30. Brainstorm new ways of generating business 31. Improve systems and operations for the team 32. Ghostwrite articles for the newspaper on your behalf 33. Preparation of amend/extends, contracts, inspection notices 34. Title work review and resolution of potential problems 35. Order O&E’s from title company 36. Create home books 37. Brochures and flyers for the property 38. Enter and update MLS information 39. Pick up and deliver closing gifts 40. Create pop-by items for delivery 41. Deliver pop-by’s to clients 42. Send out closing reminders to clients 43. All file processing (internal paperwork) 44. Advertising and marketing letters/updates to Sellers 45. Coordination of advertising opportunities and/or open houses 46. Home anniversary & birthday cards/gifts 47. Create and mail Just Listed & Just Sold cards 48. Setup MySite for Buyers 49. Follow up with Buyers on credit repair or qualification issues 50. Show property 51. Host open houses or sit on-site for new construction 52. Fill brochure boxes 53. Assistance with CMA’s 54. Help with community activities you are involved in 55. Provide updates at sales meetings or GARA meetings 56. Update personal financial statements 57. Year-end statistical analysis 58. Bookkeeping and tracking of income & expenses 59. Perform payroll duties and functions 60. Schedule appointments and meetings 61. Call past and current clients 62. Create a list of clients for you to call or write notes to 63. Make your business travel arrangements 64. Send hand-written notes 65. Check vacant properties to ensure security and no maintenance issues 66. Order office and real estate supplies 67. Remind you of appointments; confirm appointments with others 68. Preview properties 69. Compile information for your annual tax appointment 70. Prepare and issue press releases 71. Scanning and faxing documents 72. Filing and organization 73. Pitch your properties or services at networking meetings 74. Current market condition updates for Sellers 75. FSBO/expired programs – create them & run them 76. Represent you at a trade show or event 77. Data entry 78. Cold calling 79. Farm an area (create the plan & execute it) 80. Track down missing signatures and paperwork 81. Order title work 82. Send contract to the lender 83. Create virtual tours of homes 84. Take professional photos of homes & upload to websites 85. Create and maintain a personal website 86. Upload and manage listing syndication (on other websites) 87. Create a blog and ghost-write articles for you 88. Manage your personal rental properties 89. Organize client parties or get-togethers 90. Write checks for your business and balance/maintain your checking account 91. Check your voice mail, email, snail mail 92. Answer incoming communication 93. Forward calls or take messages for the agent 94. Secure documentation and information prior to listing (utilities, schools, flood plain, public records, etc.) 95. Work with locksmiths on changing keys or securing properties 96. Record, deposit, deliver earnest money; write and collect earnest money receipts 97. Monitor your continuing education requirements 98. Register you for CE classes and mandatory update 99. Role play scripts and dialogues with the agent 100. Be on-call while you are on vacation or unavailable 101. Create a personal brochure for you and your team 102. Update your personal bio and resume 103. Laminate newspaper articles and send notes to clients 104. Mail out holiday cards (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) 105. Order schwag and personalized giveaway’s 106. Maintain a marketing and advertising budget 107. Pick up your dry cleaning or do personal errands 108. Organize your office or home office 109. Learn new technology or skills and then teach you 110. IT and computer maintenance and updates 111. Setup and install technology (phones & computers) 112. Any prospecting activities you can think of 113. Create pre-listing packets for potential listings 114. Post testimonials on social media and your website 115. Create, maintain and update social media sites 116. Schedule walk-thru appointments prior to closing 117. Send out utility information and helpful hints before closing 118. Create and manage drip system for e-leads 119. Write ad copy/remarks for MLS 120. Institute and execute a coordinated business and marketing plan 121. Scrub and qualify leads


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