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Once your order is placed with us, we refer you to a trusted professional to assist you locally, but our service and marketing after the sale are the best in the industry! 


How is it p


1.     Rent or lease office space (thousands of dollars per month)

3.     Mandatory collaborative newspaper and online advertising expenses (hundreds or thousands of dollars a month)

5.     Fuel to travel from house to house, or back and forth to the office (hundreds of dollars a month)

2.     Major office and admin expenses for "big name" companies (think: Remax, Better Homes & Gardens, etc. for hundreds or thousands of dollars a month)

4.     Fancy automobile with maintenance and weekly cleaning (hundreds of dollars a month)

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so little?

Most Flat Fee MLS or Limited Service professionals are Independent Brokers and Realtors, still paying the same dues and fees for licensure and board/mls membership traditional agents pay EXCEPT we do not pay exorbitantly for:

Flat Fee Listing Brokers/Agents usually work from a dedicated home office, drive a nice car but aren't hauling buyers around, work as efficiently as possible and keep their expenses as low as possible, passing that savings on to the most important person in the transaction:


YOU, the customer! 

How Is It Possible
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