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BDCO charges a $49 marketing/consulting fee for each order, whether you are interested in luxury/concierge, full service, mid-level, limited service or FSBO. The best part is this $49 is fully refundable if you sell your home through the broker/agent we refer you to. Exciting, yes? (sorry, FSBO's ~ no agent, no refund). So, you really have nothing to lose, and we promise it is easy to get your refund. Click here to learn more about our 42-Caliber Marketing System (42-CMS).

Luxury/Concierge brokers will most likely charge more than 6% to sell these multi-million dollar homes. There will be a team of agents working for this broker, plus an entourage of stagers, renovation/construction professionals, inspectors, HD photographers and videographers and possibly even a pre-market appraiser. It may take a week or more to get all the custom websites, photos, pre-appraisal and inspection completed, but make no mistake, these high-level brokers will manage the pre-listing phase with authority and clarity about your sales process. Expect a lengthy listing contract, as these brokers will not expect to sell right away, based on the market statistics for your price range. Luxury brokers typically ONLY work as a Buyer's Agent with the full confidentiality and exclusivity this high end seller demands.

Full Service/Concierge brokers/agents may charge a traditional commission of 6% and above. Many of these brokers work extremely hard for their sellers, but give approximately half that commission to the broker bringing the buyer and whatever is left over is split between their managing broker and others. If you are working with a full-service broker/agent, make sure they are working exclusively for you as a LISTING BROKER OR SELLER'S BROKER. DO NOT allow your broker to work as a Transaction Broker unless they are working with both parties. Many of the major brokerages charge an admin fee of $500 to pay a transaction coordinator to assist them in handling their business.

Mid-Level brokers/agents may charge a $2500 flat fee to sell your home, but not place your home on the MLS. These brokers will usually be willing to tailor their fee to your home sale needs, for example, you may not want them to do an open house, which they will probably be intrinsically very happy about. If your plan with them includes an MLS listing, a more traditional commission will be required at closing.

Flat Fee/Limited Service business models are a great option for sellers who have done a transaction before and want to save almost half of the full commission. These brokers are under tight restraints by their state's real estate commission, so they must have a very strategic system in place to handle the volume of business they receive. Email is usually their communication avenue of choice. We charge a flat rate of $500 for your MLS listing, and depending on what state your property is located in, there may be a small up-charge at closing because some limited service brokers charge additional fees due to their state's limited service requirements. This is becoming more and more common, so we want to disclose everything up front.

For Sale By Owners are the DIY'ers of the real estate world. There's nothing wrong with trying to sell your home yourself, but only if you have an inkling of what you're up against. Many brokers on the buy side will become a transaction broker in order to keep the deal fair. BDCO charges a $49 fee to assist you in marketing with our 42-Caliber Marketing System (42-CMS). You'll be very happy to have this additional marketing behind you, because depending on HOW you choose to sell your property, there's nothing like throwing spaghetti at a wall - some of it's bound to stick!

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