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April 7, 2017



Selling & Saving has never been easier! After all, it's not how much you make,
it's how much you keep!

If you're thinking of selling, you owe it to yourself to find out more about Selling & Saving with Schaunon! Get on your local MLS  $549 + a small fee at closing and you've just saved enough for, well, something BIG!

(Think two weeks in Mexico!)


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If you live in the Evergreen, Colorado area, Schaunon would like to invite you to Evergreen's Got Talent, a local talent show/fundraiser for Operation Homefront. The deets:

Wild Game Entertainment Experience

Saturday, May 6, 2017 6-9 pm

Contact Schaunon at 720-988-9914 for more information.



I'm always amazed at the size of homes these days. And, I'm so intrigued by the popularity of tiny houses. I'd have a tiny home and probably thrive in it. Imagine LESS stuff. LESS to clean, LESS to maintain, LESS headache. Put it on about 5 acres & 350 days a year of 75 degree weather and I'm a very happy camper, though it's not camping, by any stretch! Complete with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and plenty of strategically engineered storage, you're all set for living comfortably, just you and your significant other and your very big dog. Hopefully, your significant other is okay with tiny living, too.


So, what happens if you live in a tiny house commune? In some traditional communities, neighbors compete for the best and biggest, most technologically adept and most extravagant amenities. But, do the inhabitants of a tiny house commune compete for the best and biggest also? Or, as minimalists, do they compete for the least and littlest? It's an interesting point to ponder, as sometimes less IS more and maybe in this scenario, little is BIG!


I'm excited for the tiny house trend. Especially when they can be used for housing for veterans and homeless people. Would you live in a tiny house? 


Here's a great website on tiny housing for veterans:


WARNING: Chrome, Gmail, Android -
these are my peeps. 


Admittedly, I'm an app junkie, which means I download too many apps on my ultra large phone (lovingly referred to as a PHABlet), computer and tablet. This app-osis causes issues in productivity. Before my most recent AHA app discoveries, my computer was slower than molasses in Antarctica and my inbox was about to commit email anarchy. Challenging and unproductive!! But,